Studio Sløyd is an Oslo based design studio - 

- We focus on material exploration and creating long lasting objects.

Our first

We are currently working on our first full furniture collection that will be released and shown at the Sorgenfri Gallery in Oslo in the beginning of april (2020). The collection is inspired by the the traditional use of pine in the nordic countries and how the material got its bad reputation. We will be showing a few objects from the collection at the stockholm furniture fair in february. 

Blimp chair

The BLIMP chair is an exploration of contrast. Designed to highlight the differences between the materials. The massive rounded pine seat meets the hard lines of the steel creating this contrast. This chair came to be using only subtractive manufacturing methods giving it its distinct organic look.

* nominated for the 2019 Bolia Design Award


The Basset chair is designed for everyday situations. The broad seat, rounded arm rests and wide back gives comfortable support and offers various sitting positions. The three materials – aspen, steel, and wool are all from Norway. The focus on local production and seamless joinery have been a key part designing this lounge chair, all this without compromising easy manufacturing. The unified design and materials make it an eye caching chair with subtle details of high level craftmanship.

*Nominated for best design talent ( Bo Bedre & IKEA )

Room divider

is designed to divide and elevate the feeling of a space. It consists of one pine frame which can be used to hang clothes as well as having a stool that rotates for easy customisation. The other section frames thin Japanese paper that allows light to make its way through creating vague silhouettes. The sections are tied together using natural leather straps making it easy adaptable to various spaces as well as . We also designed a third wall made with folded paper allowing for even greater cover and usability.